• Media

    I have experience in and can assist you with;

    • Front of camera
    • Interviews on TV documentaries and news programs
    Interviewing politicians
    • Advising on film scripts
    • Assessment of TV show candidates
    • Advising on or writing magazine articles
    Writing and editing books

  • Sally questioning David Cameron and Nick Clegg on Politics Show
    My Personal Appereances

    • T.V. appearance (via Skype) on "The Chrissy B Show", 27.1.2014 discussing "A mental health issue doesn't mean I'm crazy!"
    • T.V. appearance on "The Chrissy B Show", 6.1.2014 discussing "A merry or miserable Christmas?" Full Episode embedded above.
    • Guest Speaker at Autism and Complex Needs Conference, 15.10.2013, Birmingham
    • Contribution to The Real Story in Real People magazine., 09.2013.
    • T.V. appearance on "The Chrissy B Show", 21.08.2013 discussing "Combatting shyness". Summary video included below
    • Guest speaker at the Only the Lonely Conference 2013, 13.6.2013, at the University of Manchester
    • Contribution to How to beat anxiety in Cosmopolitan Magazine., 01.05.2013.
    • Audience member questioned Gordon Brown, William Hague, Ed Milliband, Ed Davy, David Cameron and Nick Clegg on Politics Show, BBC.
    • T.V. appearance on “See Hear” 2012 discussing causes of mental health problems in deaf people.
    • T.V appearance on The Politics Show, 28.3.2010. My interaction with Gordon Brown was also covered on the building an independent wales blog.
    • T.V appearance on BBC News discussing the inclusion of a contestant with Asperger’s Syndrome to the X Factor, 2009.
    • T.V appearance on “See Hear”, 16.04.2005 discussing ‘Deaf Wannabees’: hearing people who want to become deaf.
    • T.V. appearance on “See Hear”, 20.11.2004 discussing Deaf people who have been sexually abused.
    • T.V. appearance on “See Hear: Behind the News”, 22.2.97 discussing Deaf people and substance misuse.
    • Radio appearance on BBC World at One, 1996 Developing technologies in health care and its link to eugenics.