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    Following the performance on 10 March there will be a Post Show Discussion in which Dr Sally Austen will lead an open discussion examining moments where we all find ourselves vulnerable or may make others feel vulnerable.


    I have over 20 years of experience working with Deaf, deafened, DeafBlind and hard of hearing people. I am fluent in British Sign Language (Level 3 signer) and DeafBlind manual alphabet.

    As a Consultant Clinical Psychologist I can help you in:

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    Assessing and treating deaf people with …
    Depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, challenging behaviour, addiction, brain damage, learning disability and communication problems.

    Assessing and treating deaf people with audiological problems
    Adjustment to deafness, tinnitus, hyperacusis, vestibular problems. Assessment and treatment of Non-Organic Hearing Loss. Assessment pre cochlear implant or explantation.

    Expert Witness and Testimony
    Assessment of Deaf people involved in family, criminal or compensation cases. In speech, sign language, Makaton, text or Total Communication. Advice to the courts.

    Training in deafness …
    CMHTs, GP, nursing, residential care staff, psychologists, social workers, teachers, working with interpreters.

    Training in mental health for Deaf professionals and interpreters
    Behaviourism and boundary setting, CBT, language and Theory of Mind, mental health, challenging behaviour and learning disability

    Supervision of sign language interpreters
    Group and individual supervision of BSL interpreters for CPD, ethics and governance, management of trauma.